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Our Physical Reality and Karmic reprocautions

I had this conversation with my relatives who fled Ukraine. How our lives and lives of our ancestors play the role in our current physical reality. We had families with many male members who participated in WWII. However, some family members refused to join army and fled to Canada, in earlier 1900th. Many generations were hidden leaders in healthcare and secret service industry, among other military positions, but none of us, not our spouses, nor our children will even carry weapons or join any war fights, I am sorry. We believed in God and raised them as Buddhist. We refused to work for any government. They will never do it either. None of us will even support any wars.

Thinking back, we begin realizing how our individual lives, in-spite of all of the hardships are different, compare to most people who got cut in the middle of the multiple wars. Many formal Soviet and Russian Immigrants relocated to Israel in mid 90th and 2000th. Some Russian TV celebrities ran to Israel when war in Ukraine began. Ironically Israel went into the state of war

not long after, as well. Many of our formal college mates and classmates, got cut in the middle of War in Ukraine. All of these people one way or the other were forced to participate in hate and violence. While our lives, no matter how difficult in immigration and exile were, are not even

close to war zones. Back in 90th, many males attended college because they did not want to participate in military service. Now all of these men were forced to pick up guns and defend Ukraine ... It is absolutely crazy. European people kept world at peace after WWII. Europe was

at peace. Now everything and everyone is under constant threat.

So, we can not avoid the Karmic reprocautions of our ancestors entirely, we do live in exile. But our own ability to grow beyond traditional national hate, and desire to overpower other cultures, helped us survive and keep our families safe. We have ability to influence environment in which we live and exist every day. At least for our own families. We all capable of doing it. Keeping families internally safe. Avoid public position, avoid getting involved with governments, even on local levels. Just avoid being in any way connected to the politics. This will assure peace in your own family. Be in service, if you must have a job. Teach your kids to be in-service, business it is. And do not thrive for more or better.



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