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Generational mental illnesses and our future reality

This is the most disturbing statistic and the fact in the history, but the world is in the state of generational mental crisis. Just stop and think about this, we may dies tomorrow, but our kids,

if any, will have to go on. They will end up in the society with both, younger and elder generations,

as mentally incapable or fully medicated semi-chemical beings. Either arrested or abandoned. Just watch these videos and decide for yourself. I am not sure what exactly needs to be done for people to change ...

Last thing is the main difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologist, is that first has MD degree, and only after that he gets a specialty as a Psychiatrist. Psychologist is usually someone who can work as therapist, personal advisor or counselor, but DOES NOT have or required to have a MD degree. Psychologist degree can be obtained during the last two years of any 4 years community college. However, both are allowed to write RX for medications.



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