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Women's Integrated Mental Health

In the recent years after pandemic this has became a whole new industry within the mental healthcare: women's integrative psychiatry. I myself began research regarding menopausal hormonal changes, until my OBGYN told me there is no such a think as a simple vitamin patch

for hormonal in balance. Calories count after the age of 49 is probably the best key to any healthy non-chemical weight loss. Active lifestyle, more active than normal and healthier well balanced diet. Of cause this does not help me a bit. It does not. She is a very kind doctor, only one I have, actually. I eat no more than 1200 calories a day, sometimes I eat much less. I never actually had

a problem dieting, to be honest, or not eating at all. I was training to be a gymnast earlier in life, and I got used to the idea of needed to be on diet due to strict weight requirements. And even so

I never made it in a sports, I gained ability to not eat for a long time and be ok with it. So, curbing appetite was never my issue. I don't have a moment when I bench eat cakes, even during and after all of my pregnancies I continued yoga. So neither overeating or lack of activities was my issue in gaining so much weight.

However, I did gained nearly extra person, 40 lb. since I moved from the mountains of CA to

Lake Ontario. And no one can figures out how I should lose it. I found that my biggest challenge

in this would be ok in accepting my new fat-self. I never weight more than 160 lb., until now.

At 210 lb. I do feel like I have no desire for anything. I don't want to eat, but I don't want to do anything else either. Because after daily elliptical, walking around neighborhood in circles, working out in the professional home gym, did not produce even a single 1 lb. loss, I gave up. And

I decided to learn how to accept new me, fat ugly and undesireable and begin liking myself the way I am.

Most interesting thing I found out~I am not alone. I am kidding. I knew I am not alone, I just

did not care about menopause or weight problems until now. Most women in pre-menopausal middle age and menopausal age struggle with these hormonal changed for centuries, many use alternative medicine approach, and now integrative psychology came to light.

My mother has Alzheimers, so my sister and I began our own research for prevention. And

I found very interesting thing, I believe for everyone who has menopause full consultation

of the neurologist, gastroenterologist, gynecologist and psychologist are necessary to get

a full hormonal picture, in trying to find a healthy balance.

Prioritize your hormonal tests, definitely check thyroid function before doing all others. I was surprised to find out I got critically low on vitamin D2 in 3 years. After moving from California

3900 elevation to CNY 243 level elevation, I did not think twice this can happen due to the lack

of sunny days. We have Norwegian climate here. My white blood cells came at 14.7, red cells distribution 15.5, platelets 451 with neutrophil 9.7. Northern climate did effect my blood, while my diet has not change much. My female hormones test, however actually surprised me, but

I think I know why. My ovaries still function as I am 37, not 48, but I think it is because I had undergone a full sterilization at the age of 29, since I had given birth 3 times already. I am not even yet pre-menopausal... I have a glucose levels before breakfast runs between 117 and 128, but I was told this is not even pre-diabetic condition, not to worry, this is not why I am fat. And

so, I am back to square one: no one knows why I got so fat in 3 years.

I found couple of female doctors I like on youtube and began self-studies. I would recommend for anyone struggling with both weight gain and life style balance after 49 to join the similar system.



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