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If you have an allergic reaction to tobacco and want to quit cold turkey

Many people with tobacco addiction have a hard time quitting because their brain , not only used to the regular nicotine consumption, but also used to the simple routine of ... inhaling. And this how you can actually rain your brain to rethink the need for smoking. Of cause not everyone who smoke is capable quitting this way, but it is 100% doable. My spouse and I did it in 2008, We replaced the need for inhaling with yoga and Qi gong morning routine.

First you have to become mindful of when why and how you smoke. Then you train yourself to recognize the times when you unconsciously trying to grab the cigarette and most important why? If it stress, simply taking a 5 minutes walk down the closest alley would do. You will notice almost right away how much less you will crave the need for nicotine. Eventually taking steps like this, walking, doing 10 minutes Qi Gong when you feel like smoking, or doing breathing meditation, would completely replace your nicotine cravings.

Many people who smoke heavily and for many years find switching tobacco to CBD non-psychoactive cannabis helpful. And it is true, I did it as well. I refused to take Wellbutrin Xl for quitting. Anti-depressant is not necessary for nicotine addiction. Absolutely contradictory I would say. I went for CBD instead. Major difference that Cannabis can make you feel high if it contains high % of THC, but with pure CBD you will function actually much better, compare to the tobacco use. CBD is not addictive and does not call for cravings. At least this is my personal experience with oil. It is also not drowsy and does not make you sleepy during the day. You can continue your regular activities like nothing happened and eventually stop smoking completely, if you chose to.

Most important thing when it comes to quitting stay mindful of you doing and trying to archive.



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