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Yoga in Bamboo House

When I first read about the Breathes Yoga Studio,

next door to me, I was simply looking for a new place

to practice I was a long time self-student of the GaiamTV ® by Rodney Yee  ®and wanted to attend in person class somewhere.  This was the best experience I have had.


At the time, it was one of the best local yoga studios

in the area. I attended hot tapas vinyasa classes with Jeniffer Prugh, yin yoga with Holden, morning Qi

Gong with Lee Holden. 

When I relocated almost "off the grid" in 2016, these lessons and experience and helped me to continue self-practice for a while, and it helped my spouse, who had leukemia to stay alive  a little longer.  We practiced 20 minuted Qi Gong by Lee Holden almost daily, from

2010 until 2019, until his passing. This studio offers

full spectrum of yoga practice, form teacher's training

to health specific yoga.

Jeniffer Prugh (studio owner) sponsors and researches many cancer causes, as well as Tibetan Buddhism.  I wish she would have a franchise.  This studio is located in

Los Gatos, CA.


"All in One" package

According to Escapehaven.comHappy Melon ® is one

of the best yoga studios in Melbourne area. They offer a full fitness experience, including both yoga and pilates. They concentrate on general wellness, without any specific medical problems. This is a traditional yoga studio, but they also offer massage and non-sectarian meditation.


"Happy Melon is a mind and body studio that blends meditation with yoga, fitness and Pilates." ~ accodring to their website.

They have two physical locations in Melbourne, Australia.


"At Rive Gauche ® Copenhagen, let go and dive into a profound experience. Wrapped in a comforting deep blue light and surrounded by an ultra-dense sound system, let your body and

soul flow on the beat. Enhance your yoga practice with a musical journey and discover the introspective and sensitive power of a rhythm-based yoga. Music being at the heart of our concept, each of our classes are provided with a tailored playlist. Follow sequences of vinyasa, hatha and yin along with exquisite soul, hip-hop, jazz

or house playlists (and many more!)."


This is very interesting studio. It is rated one of the best in Denmark.They use color blue and play various music. They offer yoga and meditation, prenatal yoga and many other classes.


Acro Yoga

Center of Gravity ®  is a very unusual yoga studio in Hamburg, Germany. 

They offer full range of acrobatic yoga practices, plus  yoga retreats, training and seminars. It is more like traditional gymnastics training and mix of dancing with meditation.


They also follow specific philosophy: yoga practice

mixed with Dharma philosophy. This studio seam to

have a whole community who practices this

style of yoga. It is unique. That is for sure. 


Sound  Vibration Therapy

According to the Humming Puppy ™ site: "The ‘Hum’

is a soundscape of our own design that combines digital and organic sound frequencies of 7.83hz and 40hz. 7.83hz or the ‘Schumann Resonance’ mimics the grounding vibrations of the earth. 40hz induces ‘Gamma’ brainwave activity which encourages collective peak performance and concentration. 


These frequencies combined with the sound of our own singing bowls accompany all of our classes. By immersing ourselves in these sound-waves, the brain can produce the same frequency through the process of entrainment. You might find that practicing yoga with the Hum allows for increased focus and a sense of calm."

Each of Humming Puppy ™ studio offers sound experience join with yoga flow. They have a studio in New York City, NY.


Yoga with a view

According to many Australian resources Power Living ®  is one of to 10 best yoga chains in the country.  They

have 3 big studios, all in Sydney area.


Many blogs and magazines rate  energy and programs offered is Yoga Studio in Bondi Beach as the highest.

It offers beach yoga among many other specific programs. They also offer 200hr and 500hr teacher training programs.

Highest rated studio when it comes to both serenity of space and practice.


Hot Tapas only, baby

According to Hotpod Yoga  ® site:"As our name suggests, classes take place in a warm environment – approximately 37°C. It’s not just about the atmosphere of delicious calm: heat helps the body melt into the practice, warming the muscles and aiding flexibility while the heart works harder. All this and a purifying sweat help ensure maximum benefit from your effort."

 I tried it in California, in a regular hot room, it felt great. Best way to describe it as "doing yoga in a sauna". Little

to heavy for my heart and blood pressure after the

first session, but second session is much easier.

This is an advance practice and need to be considered carefully.  But this is definitely very different yoga studio. They have studios all all over United Kingdom.


Bikram for beginners

Bikram Yoga City ®  located in central Stockholm, Sweden.


They offer full range of beginners yoga practices, and advanced bikram style yoga and pregnancy yoga classes. Looks very cosy and this studio got one of top 10 studios in Sweden review, according to

"The Bikram Yoga 90 class is the original class practiced in a heated room with high humidity. Anyone can practice this class, young or old, sick or healthy, soft or stiff, strong or weak, and beginners to more experienced practitioners." ~ according to the studio site.

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