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When you live together with kids and pets your life does not always look like a picture-perfect magazine photo shoot. You always have

some "dirty days". I have tried many different brands, from very toxic to completely organic. I will share my positive experience with some household brands.  It is about the quality of scent or smells sustainability, hypo-allergic quality, and practicality, including price. Hyla brand

is very expensive, but it is worth every penny you invest.

Spa and Wellness

When I first read about the "Nest" ® NY brand, I was simply looking for a new luxurious gift.  However, I found much more. This was a brand with the real

cause behind it, even if it was a very personal cause. 

When I began this site and my company I did it in the mental state of partial despair, after my spouse's

sudden death. Finding someone else, not afraid to

speak about their internal family tragedies inspired

me not to give up.  I still try to buy at least one item a year.


The smells and quality of the soaps are great.  Candles are one of the bests when it comes to retaining sense capacity, they do not lose intensity of smell overtime.


Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 9.49.35 PM.png

Ballroom Flooring

First of all, I have used this brand since it first appeared on Target's shelves. Method ® has consistent good quality of smell, cleaning ability, and practicality.


They offer a great very wide collection of both cleaning supplies as well as personal care products, like shower gels. Wood Floor cleaning supplies with natural oils are amazing.


They have a great line of refills for each product,  that saves on not buying a new plastic dispenser every time.


It's all about Art

"Michel Design Works has one goal: to create high-quality products featuring our distinctive designs and fragrances that customers will love both to use and give as gifts. For us, it’s personal and what began as a simple, home-based business has grown into a beloved company with loyal customers around the globe." by ~ "Stonewall Kitchen"

Michel Design Works ® is one of the family brands of Stonewall Kitchen ®. 

They design personal care product lines in the vintage floral style of Victorian and Colonial Era in USA. Great lasting smell, organic quality and vintage design. 



Bedroom Sanctuary

Many times we do not realize we may be allergic to detergent products. Finding a real organic laundry product that cleans real stains is difficult.


Grab Green ® is successful in terms of quality of washing and stain removal. In the competitive market of cleaning supplies, this is a good brand to consider.


This brand is pet and kid-friendly, they also have a baby line, for extra sensitive skin.


Farmhouse style

Grove co. Is one of the best cooperative brands companies with subscription options. I am not a big

fan of this type of companies, but, people who live in secluded regions need something to do, this is how

and where companies like these open up. 


I love their brand  Grove co. ®  in particular.  It is definitely farm style living brand. All of the accessories are very practical and reusable, and organic sponges last longer than normal grocery store brands.


"An invention created out of necessity: mechanical engineer Doro Erjavec’s (co-founder of HYLA) wife suffered from a house dust allergy which got worse with each house cleaning. After intense technical experiments and many tests, the machine went into serial production in 1992 and was an instant success.

Engineers Doro Erjavec and Janez Pogacar called their air and room cleaning system Hyla ®, and developed their first prototype in 1990. Today HYLA with its unique products is successful in more than 70 countries around the globe." ~ by Hyla

It is: a vacuum, it is an insense dispenser (natural oils), and an air purifier, all at the same time. It is a great investment in your household's well-being. It collects all of the dust, pet hair, etc from the air by sucking it into the water-filled chamber. 

It cleans the air by automatically running for 35 minutes. You can simply move it, room to room, and clear the house within 3 to 4 hours, depending on the number of rooms. It runs for 35 minutes and turns off automatically. It does sound like an airplane engine when it runs, if you like flying you will love this vacuum even more.



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