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What and who do you want to be
when you grow up?

Places to Hide from the World

There are many fun hideaway locations you can find in the mountain regions.

Sometimes , we need complete seclusion for one traumatic reason or the other. 

These are some places, that can be great hideaways.


Pacific BC Lakes

Loon Lake Lodge Retreat

14500 Silver Valley Road,

Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2R3, Canada


Deep Western Hills

Boulder Creek Retreat

372 Denali Ln,

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805


Old Western Style

Country Cabins Inn

21 7th St,

Mountain View, WY 82939


Midwestern Amish Charm

Secret Haven Singing Hills 

54864 Co Rd 33,

Middlebury, IN 46540


Pennsylvania Gloomy Calm

Miller's Mountain Retreat

222 Buffalo St,

Coudersport, PA 16915


Southern Waterfront

Carolina King Retreat & Marina

2498 Belser Road

Summerton, SC 29148


Upstate New York

Slateville Retreat Cabin

181 Little Burch Hill Rd,

Granville, NY 12832


Magical Forest

Skamania Lodge

1131 SW Skamania Lodge Way

Stevenson, WA 98648


Forest Resort

Mountainside Retreats

3965 Star Meadow Rd,

Whitefish, MT 59937


Canadian Border Lakes

Poplar Creek Retreat

11 Poplar Creek Dr,

Grand Marais, MN 55604


 Icy Lakes

Fresh Coast Cabins

13051 M26,

Eagle Harbor, MI 49950

Midwest Forest Charm 

Retreat at Crabtree Falls

11100 Crabtree Falls Hwy,

Tyro, VA 22976

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 7.27.40 PM.png

Country River Fun

Towaliga River Retreat

5539-5541 Juliette Rd,

Juliette, GA 31046


Destress in Vermont 

Sterling Ridge Resort

155 Sterling Ridge Dr,

Jeffersonville, VT 05464


Snowy Mountains

The Chalet at Mt. Baker

The Chalet at Mt. Baker

Deming, WA 98244

xNew HDR TMC Side View.jpg

Glacier Lakes

The Montana Cabin

754 Madden Lk Rd,

Rexford, MT 59930

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 6.27.33 PM.png

Wisconsin Cheese Lakes

Birch Cabin Retreat

10843 Birchwood Dr,

Sister Bay, WI 54234


Midwest Country Luxury

Cherry Ridge Retreat

22097 Cherry Ridge Rd,

New Plymouth, OH 45654

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 7.31.24 PM.png

Southern Country Luxury

Blue Hollow Lake Retreat

4407 US 49,

Hattiesburg, MS 39401


New Brunswick Borders

Rustic Retreat Lodge

42 Maggie drive,

Perham, ME 04766




I often wonder what makes people

want to be a part of law enforcement?

  • Desire to revenge the childhood trauma or prove yourself to someone. 

  • Desire to dominate others, to show superiority and use excessive power.

  • Chronic Depression or chronic disorder.

  • Mental challenges in school and desire to express cruelty.

  • To avoid punishment.

  • Desire to make a difference in some way (Batman Syndrom).

  • Family professional tradition.

  • Desire to feel like God.


We are all playing roles, it is what we all do daily. To which extend we act ~ it all depends.


Let me just start with: happy people don't like guns. And, please do not even attempt to say "no, it's not true". Yes it is. Protecting children, family members, relatives, etc. is what we all do. Daily. Why does someone want to become a police or prison guard? What mental damages had you experienced in the childhood that it made you that cruel?  Perhaps they are all suffering form chronic depression and a need to deal with death on daily basis. They all like dark catholic cults or horror movies: "pain and sorrow lives here". Full-time depression profession. Plus cruelty 24/7. Horrible karma, really, to have this profession. Especially for female. What kind of mental disorder you must have to want to twist someone else arm behind their back or put handcuffs

on the person?


Sometimes, healthcare workers are even more cruel than regular people. Not always, but many time they are. They are also biggest bigots and biggest cynics. Both law enforcement and healthcare workers. Competition in both industries depends on level of education, and they run from military school FBI, CIA or secret service to lower level traffic PD; and from MD with PHD in healthcare to lower level of PA.


Many of these people see death daily, so it's normal for anyone in their position to become cynic. And after moving to NY

in 2021, and hearing 3 local cases, with sheriff deputies  in  their late 40, shooting their spouse with children and committing suicide after, and cop form elite neighborhood in Bronxville shooting his whole family with twin boys, right before his retirement, I became even more convinced this is a dangerous mentally unstable population and profession. 


This is the worst profession for the mental health and ageing. Most doctors usually have a heavy deaths. About 90% of full time law enforcement members are suffering from PTSD or chronic depression, as they get older or after they retire. My father and

my grandparents were militaries, while my mother was a PHD

in Cardiology. It's not en empty statistics.  I did not experience

open violence in particular, when I grew up, but I have seen how depression can influence formal  militaries.


They are proud people, trained to either follow orders or give them, when they loose the jobs ~ they loose meaning of live, in many cases. They trained to follow routine and strict rules, but when life become "fleelancing" they can get lost, In spite of a good family, spouse, kids, etc. They do not care about anything, but career. Their spouse do not understand this often too. 

Весь мир театр и все мы в нем ~ актеры



Childrens Show

I often wonder what makes people

want to be stage worker(actor, singer)?  

  • Desire to be seen, noticed or accepted.

  • Desire to get rich quick.

  • Desire to create a new, non-existing reality.

  • Family professional tradition.

  • Chronic depression or childhood traumas.

  • Desire to make a difference in some way (Robin Hood or Peter Pan).

  • Desire to feel like God.

We are all playing roles, it is what we all do daily. To which

extend we act ~ it all depends.


We all or most of us do write, daily. But, most of the time,

creative writing is the story behind psychological trauma, or unexpressed personal desires, one way or the other. Happy normal  people do not write diaries. Desire to copy someone else's work or mind or role is strange to me. Why do people do it? My father used to tell me when I was having a hissy fit or being stubborn: "Stop acting like a child, you smarter than this, just stop acting." Usually this professions and class of society is the most heavily dominated by money laundering, sex trafficking

and drug cartels. This also includes organized sports and broadcasting industry. They make impactful movies, but they create chaotic realities. I feel it is an industry of legal slavery

they promote as a highest living standards. This is a full time

mafia world and reality. Billions.


I would never want to be a part of it. All of these lead right

back to law enforcement. Again because of sex traffic, human and drug traffic. These are the people who use heavy drugs the

most and make and sell porn, the most. This is the second worst profession when it comes to mental health status. About 89%

of all actors are bipolar. Read biography of at least 10 of your favorite actors or singers, and you will find sections about personal life or controversies. It will be there: mental issues, emotional breakdown, psychiatric facility visit, rehab, etc. 

About 10% are also schizophrenics. So, it is the dirty business,

in general, behind all of their glamor and luxury.


Celebrities are just humans, that's all. But we all forget

that. Wipe all of the makeup and you have it ~ unreasonable arrogance in flash, which will probably scream "Do you know who I am?" Unfortunately we do, that's why we prefer to stay away ... 

Весь мир театр и все мы в нем ~ актеры




I often wonder what makes people

want to be an psychologist or psychiatrist?

  • Traumas or abuse in earlier childhood.

  • History of mental disorders, personal or family members. 

  • Desire to dominate or control others.

  • Desire to feel like God.
  • Desire to create a new and non-existing reality.

  • Desire to be understood.

  • To avoid punishment.

We are all playing roles, it is what we all do daily. To which extend we act ~ it all depends.

People who study psychology or psychiatry

do it for various personal reasons, from mental disorders

to desire to dominate and control others, much like with the general law enforcement. I know many people will say "I wanted to make a difference", "I had a calling to help others", "I head the voice I need to help others" etc. Keep it.  people who are driven with "just a desire to make a difference" have lack of ability to accept reality as is. With all it's flaws. You are not God you presume yourself to be. The basic underlining reason is one of the above, nothing else.


This is a rather strange profession, if you ask me. I don't get people who like to listen to somebody's personal life talk, all

day long, and analyze their dirty laundry for living. They are also directly or indirectly always connected to the law enforcement. They are actually obligated to report people with schizophrenia, so they can give them official statuses and prevent from either giving birth or doing anything harmful. Weather we agree with

it or not is irrelevant. This is what the law requires them to do.

I would say this is the third most mentally damaging profession, after the law enforcement.


They have a tendency to overthink everything. Tendency not to see yourself in the mirror while judging others. For example:

36 year old psychologist, who never had any children or had stable uneven personal intimate relationships is giving a family counseling advise to a couple with 3 kids... Giving them advise on how to raise them and handle hardships, weight gain and children tantrums. 

Or, someone who had been divorced 4 times or never been marries once, yet continue giving couples counseling advise. It's like a "toothless dentist: he does not have any teeth, yet tries to fix

it for everyone". Or cosmetologist who weight 400 lb. yet continue to treat patients with weigh problems ... This is what they do. But they do help a lot of people, especially healthcare professionals and law enforcement members, who needs then the most. Especially in writing.  Great tools for profiling criminals and dangerous people, I suppose. So, it is stress-free, but annoying job, with many mental issues. Literally. Paradoxical profession.

Весь мир театр и все мы в нем ~актеры




I often wonder what makes people

want to be an entrepreneur businessman?

  • Poverty in childhood or on a contrary, desire to preserve or increase wealth.

  • Family professional tradition.

  • Desire to  improve domestic life.

  • Desire to improve current society.

  • Desire to make a difference.

  • Pride and un-desire to work for someone else in the same industry.

  • Desire to create a new and non-existing reality.

We are all playing roles, it is what we all do

daily. To which extend we act ~ it all depends.

I personally understand the choice of business specialty. People, who study business, usually well educated and know

the socio-political history of the society. If not well educated they acquire practical learning experience that carries them through the life. They are not trying to break the existing structure, they are usually trying to improve upon it and gain profit from using the system to their advantage. We are all

born into particular social class and this will always remain the true reality of this society. You can continue fighting for full social equality, but this will never go anywhere further than social taxable benefits.


This is what I think everyone wants, but does not know what to call it, so they fight for Social Equality...They want same wages for everyone ~ not going to happen. Why? Because we do not possess equal education or abilities. I am sorry, but we don't.  Educations depends on social status level and, in many cases, parental background. If you mom and dad never cared about degree and believe in anarchy, you probably going to grow up the same way. Ivy League school is simply not your thing. Why this will never change? Because all beings are unique and very different on the detailed level. We are all same in general, but our minds are various. And this is what called Social Diversity. Our reality is essentially a Paradox of mental views. And they are all trying to merge into something new. All of the time.


Business people know it, and accept it. This is normal realistic profession. But it has the fiercest competition, compare to all other professions. And, in many situations, their personal success more dependent on outside environment, compare

to the other three. But they are, the less mentally damaged by their daily routine, so to speak. And, probably, more stable compare to all other professions. Restaurants, coffee shops,

bike shops, bars, small clothing stores, plumbers and electricians, especially in the least populated areas, are the

core of the communities. 

Весь мир театр и все мы в нем ~актеры

Anchor 1

What are the other Major Professions?  Mechanic, Chef/Cook, Bartender, Barista, Architect, Athletes, Bankers, Politicians, Economists, Lawyers, Corporate employees, Religious leaders and Educators, including stay-at-home parents. All of them also have their own ranking and levels, from upper to lower. Usually based on both: their education and lifestyle. But, unlike 4 others, these professions are predominantly  Family traditions followed. It means, except for stay-at-home parenting and educators, you need to be born in the family of one of these professions, to be able to join. Do you think they have any mental issues? Ask yourself. And if you think that monasteries do not have any competition  ~ you never lived in one. Sometimes, places of the worship are more competitive than JPMorgan VIP scene or Ivy League college admission. This is were all of the hidden emotions come out raw, up in you face. Most interesting and important thing social class does not always indicate high income.

And, finally, most important thing of our reality: in the end- none of us, living creatures, will be able to take with us anything or anyone, when we die. Only our own thoughts and fears. Our emotions and mental experience. It's a fact. It is also a part

of global believe, why pregnant mothers should avoid any stress or expression of violence during the pregnancy ~ fear and sadness is transferable to the baby. All modern OBGY can tell  you this. So, our death and birth are directly connected to our emotions and thoughts. This process is "the neverending story".

Весь мир театр и все мы в нем ~актеры.

Above all, I often wonder, why did our society evolved in such a way?

Because, if we remove even one layer the whole reality of social existence will collapse.

  • Can you remove stay at home parents?

  • Can you remove teachers?

  • Can you remove drivers?

  • Can you remove all politicians?

  • Can you remove construction workers?

  • Can you remove chefs, waiters and cooks?

  • Can you remove  farmers and pot growers?

  • Can you remove law enforcement?

  • Can you remove healthcare workers?

  • Can you remove road maintenance?

  • Can you remove flight attendants?

  • Can you remove fuel delivery trucks?

  • Can you remove all garbage people produce?

  • Can you remove all blue collar jobs and replace it with robots?

  • Can you remove all personal bankers?

  • Can you remove bakers and delivery drivers?

  • Can you close all of the prisons? Unfortunately you can not.

  • Can you remove God or Faith from the equation?

  • Can you replace entertainment for children or adult with anything else, beside sports?

  • Can you protect yourself and your family without some level of cruelty?

  • Can you eliminate all theft and desire to steal? No.  Because the only cause of these actions are envy and anger. You can not eliminate someone else's emotions, sorry.

  •  And, if you remove all of the wealthiest, but may be "a stuck up" members of the society, can you "run the show" with you limited knowledge? No. You can't.


On each of the social level someone, has to always do the dirty job. So, it is the fabric of this social reality.

We all exist for one reason or the other, and we all have a natural right to exist. Even Switzerland and France had ghettos in the past.

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