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Our reality and entertainment of the past

So, I had a disappointing job interview and needed something to clear my mid off. I try to meditated, but it did not help, And I went searching to the meaningless TV Show to watch, to disconnect from reality. I decided to watch " The Bridgerton" ® on Netflix. Or boy was I wrong about show being meaningless. After I finished bench watching all seasons I came to realization that our society at large, no matter how long had passed, has not change much. To this day and

all over the world.

When you live in impoverished country, you always have an upper class, who has ability to make a difference, but often does not. When you living in any democratic country , you still have an "upper class", which usually created on the base of the Higher Education and degrees in general.

This is supposed to be "a romantic meaningless show". However, it shows society at large, as it still exists today. Only people in arranged marriages are dressed in modern clothes. Thats it. The only difference. You can judge for yourself. Season one and two are filled with nice erotics.



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