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Can you find your happiness elsewhere? 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Judge's Table

I have been an immigrant since 1998. Most of my adult life to be honest. I was 23 when I came to the USA. Would I ever recommend immigration as a better life option? No, unless your country is at War. No, and 1000 times again No. No one ever going to respect you or your degree in a foreign country, and no one ever going to appreciate your skills or your kindness. Most important even when you become a citizen they will never see or accept you as an American.  

I came here legally. We tried to fit in. For over 20 years.

We even had Americanized names for a while, until we

got tired of fake American kindness. Before we got our citizenship I had to change my Green Card due to the

name corrections, and guess what?


My picture was there, my fake name was there, and a fake fingerprint. I had 2 different Green Cards: one with the name married name Marina Vladimirovna Ulitskaya, and I still have it in my possession. It is the Original card which I received in 1998 after I had arrived. I never gave it back. It expired in 2012.

We discovered many of our original personal papers were gone. Someone ripped in the small pieces our marriage license, we found half of the page, and attempted to use my real birth identity in ... Ukraine, and later in the US again.

After we moved to CA in 2007 I began recovering my originals. I traveled to Kiev in 2009 to get a new

birth certificate and Apostle of my college credits.

I attempted to request my original education records in Kiev for continuing education and this is where I ran into the issue. No one had it. They lost my transcripts and all other documents. Or their Secret Service simply uses my family's identities. Because my father was not even listed "dead" in their database, as if he was still alive, 20 years later. He passed away in 1997 before I even left Ukraine. 

And the "fake  Green Card" with somebody else's finger on it, under the name Marcia Victoria Parrish. The picture on it also did not look very much like me at all. This one

I gave back to the authorities when I received my real citizenship. I assume they knew it was not my fingerprint, but they did not care. 


It is exactly why I decided to take my real biological name back in 2016. And I made sure no one can use it,

I used my surname (my dad's name was Vladimir) as

my middle name this time. Marina Vladimirovna Parrish. My spouse and I officially renewed out vows and I change my name back. I realized too many strange things began happening to us and someone else was using my identity. My credit report showed a couple

of strange things, but nothing major. So, it had to be used somewhere other than credit and for other reasons. Medical bills showed multiple fraud of over billed charges for visits that never happened. 


Back in Colorado in 2004 or 2005, our original marriage license disappeared from the house. We had

a lot of co-workers, coming and going to our house for the years we lived there, my former spouse was visiting with his spouse, my mother with her spouse, etc, but

we never needed originals until we decided to sell our house and move to CA.

After I found out that my records could not be recovered, about 6 months later, the War in Ukraine began, and, I will never be able to recover any of my old records. Of cause my family knows who I am, but I had

to prove it to all the other people I am not some illegal Mexican.

I guess they assumed I was Mexican because I have dark hair. I don't even speak Spanish. But they have been assuming this since 1998. It is exhausting to live your whole life hearing "Nice accent, where are you from".

You pay taxes, and you never break the law, but you will always be treated like an outsider. I wish I could fly back in time and never even visit USA instead... So with all these said ~ I would say, no, I would have never immigrated, if I had a real choice, in 1998. 

Young Individuals

Unless you are single, under 25

If you need a new start and you feel that you have no future in your own country, immigration may be an option for you. Not necessarily the best option, but at least to try and see new realities. 


They offer no support for legal immigrants when they arrive.

Unless you came via some church membership. Then whole community will be sponsoring you for a while until they find a better fit for you to make money for them. 


If you came via non-profit immigration you are expected to remain a member of the church for the rest of your life in the USA. 


The social diversity you are looking for does not actually exist. 

They do not hire disabled people, they do not see them as equal, and they do not want to give any jobs to anyone over the age of 45. This is not a retirement-age country.  Quite opposite.

It's still a good place for high-education medical professionals,

it is a great country for a very skilled software developer, however, no other specialty or profession would have a valid chance. So, if you are over 45, not an MD and not IT professional ~ pick another, better place to immigrate to.

Family Visiting the Zoo

Be careful with school system

No one cares or will care for your kids, no one will be excited to hear you. You will have a hard time finding an educated and affordable babysitter. It is either - or.


So, you are risking having your child completely confused and lost in reality. Being in a new country with a new stranger with inappropriate for your social level or status degree. Day care costs between $380.00 and $1000.00 a week, depending on the care level and location.


Unless you plan to stay at home, at least part-time, you are better off never immigrating, especially,  if you plan to have a healthy family. Plan on paying a lot for a good education.

The private schools run between $3,800.00 up to $16,000.00

a year for full-time grade schools (K-12), depending on the state and school. So, unless you have enough money in advance, this

is something to consider.

American education in general completely lacks classic studies, except in some Middle schools. They do not require the study

of World History, World Geography, Organic Chemistry, and Biology on the same level as most European schools do. They

do require 3 to 4 foreign languages min to enter 4 years of college, but this is probably the only similarity with the European education system.

Business Meeting at Small Table

Find a job first

Unless you already have a job lined up based on contract there is nothing for you to do here. As a tourist, you may enjoy it, as

an immigrant not so much. There is plenty of competition of its own, to be honest.


They have an overloaded market already, for all levels of jobs, from kitchen staffing to CEO's. No one needs immigrants in USA. 

When it comes to being an immigrant, you will have to learn to have a thick skin, otherwise you won't survive in any business here. People in America are very cruel. More than you can imagine and fake theatrical kindness they pretend to have ends the moment any situation becomes personal for them.


Do not expect too much excitement from anyone, if you succeed in anything. Do not expect your American friends to be happy, if you get a better position or pay than they do. Do not share your success on Instagram, this will actually destroy anything you have. 

Do not expect anyone to be friendly and happy to see you. No matter what kind of friendship you may have had before. People in immigration are prone not to care. And, unless you plan on staying in Brighton Beach for the rest of your life, you should speak well enough for them English, without an accent, preferred.

Political Figure

Entrepreneur Spirits Death

If you think America is a dreamland for Independent Entrepreneurs ~ it is a lie. Unless you have a connection with

a formal mafia, formal secret service, or local authorities you can forget about any entrepreneurial projects. You will either

be used or killed.

On a serious note, it is hard to get through to anyone in a

very serious business, unless you are involved in politics. And, because most Entertpreur are avoiding politics, this is why

they are entrepreneurs in the first place, you can understand that serious business for middle-class entrepreneurs is non-existent in this country.


This fairy tale about free independent entrepreneurship is

long dead. No one helps anyone in serious business, and

unless your idea of Entrepreneurship lies in selling groceries

or opening a beauty parlor you probably won't get far. You

can open a laundromat, of cause, but I am not sure this is the entrepreneur dream immigrants are going for. Read Tesla's biography and remind yourself what Americans usually do

with talented people. Turn them into "slaves", one way or the other. I know what many people would say, my life is much easier than theirs. Well I do not envy billionaires, there is not reason to think this about me. Each one of us exists on their

own social level.

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