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You Luck is 
in the Move 
Location, location, location

Just like the time of birth is crucial in our life, place we live in also crucial for

luck & general success. 2 people could be born within only 2 minutes difference,

yet have completely different lives. And not just because of their background

& upbringing. As I wrote in analysis of Time Rectification person can have

a happy childhood, & someone, born 20 minutes later, will have a horrible one.

You can die young, or experience multiple losses, that if, could not be prevented,

they at least can be expected & taken lighter, if you prepared ahead. Sometimes,

life can be prolonged, by preparing & relocating. At least for a little.

We are given this information, so we can make necessary corrections. It's like

getting a second chance & ability to make the right choice. How is the birth chart horoscope a better option vs. seen a psychologist? Psychology is based on the events & memories, while birth horoscope is based on the actual facts: like date & time of birth & mathematical planetary calculations. I used my own life experience to test

& prove it many times: where we move is important, our life can drastically change overnight, for better or for the worst. Our relationships can undergo profound changes & challenges, if the place we relocate to, is chosen incorrectly. 

Is Life Better in the USA or Europe? (An Honest Review)

Is Life Better in the USA or Europe? (An Honest Review)

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