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After my vet told us cats get depressed and need to use feline pheromones to get happier, we decided to begin using only organic brands for their hygiene and care.  I want to share our positives here. The majority of new ecological brands for pets are in California, however, I was able to find a couple of good natural organic pet stores on the East Coast as well.  "My Natural Pet" in Brooklyn, NY has many great organic brands listed.  They are also fairly affordable. 


Try something new

Nulo ®. Great new organic pet food brand. My cats are extremely picky when it comes to foods and they do not like to switch brands. But Nulo worked great as a trial. I will try to switch them completely in the next couple of months and see what happens. This is a new organic brand.


If your want to try healthy diet

Open Farm ® This is another Dog food organic brand we are trying, to see I we can transition them from Rachel Ray's Nutrish ®. We plan on introducing it in the next couple of months and see how they feel. They use cage-free chickens for their meals. 


Dogs "Healthy Weight"

Fresh Pet ®. These are my dog's favorite treats. They are now being sold in many regular grocery stores. Instead of giving dogs rwa meats better to give them this gourmet sausage mix. Now they are sold in many supermarkets, such as Wegmans ® or Costco ®.  They also have a line of food for cats.


If your cat feels depressed

Feliway ®. We were skeptical at first. But? After plugging it in, we instantly notice a different behavior. The cat was rolling on the bed and stopped peeing on the clothes when left alone. She became 100% happier and friendlier.  This is a 100% effective cure for cat depression. 


Organic re-processed food litter

How does it work?  Sustainable Yours.

"Made from natural, renewable corn and cassava for a 100% sustainable option. Exceptional odor-fighting properties without added chemicals or fragrances."


I have to admit this is THE BEST cat LITTER we ever tried. By far THE BEST. They sold online at Grove co. and, in-store, at Petsmart and Petco. 


Find Organic alternatives

Fussie Cat ®. This is another dry food organic brand we would like to introduce in the next couple of months and see how they feel. They offer stews, canned food and dry food lines. They sold in many small pet boutiques.


Organic alternatives

Stella & Chewy's ®. This is another dry food organic brand we would like to introduce in the next couple of months and see how they feel. They offer stews, canned food, and dry food lines. They are sold in many small pet boutiques.


Great Vitamins for Cats & Dogs

Deley Naturals ® pet oils. Cats & dogs need vitamins too. Especially as they age. My cats do not like to try new foods, they refuse to eat them. But. I mixed these vitamins in their food and they ate it. They have multiple vitamins: from urinary support to probiotics. 


"Silent Mind"

Adaptil ® This is an alternative happy feromone for dogs. Similar pugin, lasting about 30 days. This is an effective cure for dog anxiety, loneliness, and stress. They also offer a travel version for people who use the service pets, 100% safe and effective for everyone in the household. 


"Clean Toilet"

This is an interesting topic. I was ready to break the bank" by buying "a space machine-style" cat toilet

with a mobile remote when I found out about "SustainablyYours" cat litter.


And, we decided to go simple with the litter box: Petmate Booda Dome Litter Box turned out to be the best choice. Since we have 2 cats and 2 separate boxes on separate floors this was a much cheaper and healthier solution, at $34.00 per box, compared to $780.00 "space toilet".



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