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 If you want to live in Suburbs, any suburbs in USA, you need to have a good set of skills how to survive, and definitely have a good solid saving plan for any emergency situation.

Village with vineyards and river


If you want to raise a happy family in American Suburbs, you have to find a proper location.  Many times, when prices of the properties in suburbs are low, may indicate not only economical problem of the area, but also the safety problem. "To good to be true" is kind of the statement here. Many times, good cute houses with a

high affordability can indicate a bad school system, bad environment for kids.


Places with Casinos and in-town prisons are also indicator of the very specific community, that may not the best place for you to raise your children. These are communities of people with very low empathy capacities, filled with crime, drugs and gang activities, as well as local law enforcement corruption. Most residents there are either local prisoners, local prison guards or bails man and drug addicts. This is not everyone's "cup of tea" lifestyle.

Make sure you are not buying a property is Scientology or JW prominent area, as you can end up in the movie show The Watcher by Netflix. 


So, when you chose to move to any suburban area,

watch this show on Netflix (it is based on true story)

and check the statistics, school information, etc. and

only then buy a house.


Second mosts important thing is proximity to any major urban location. Simply because they are the food supplies hubs, especially important during bad weather seasons, if any. Any good neighborhood taxes in suburbs run between $6,000.00 and $16,000.00 a year. On average.

British Pound Coins

Most of clan America suburbs have a high taxes, compare to the cities. Not all all, but many. this is also a part of the American Lifestyle preservation. Property Taxation in this country is very inadequate and unequal. But, people who

chose to live in the high taxes areas do so for the particular reason. Most of the time it is the school system rating if they have kids and safety rating, if they do not. 


Owning home, in general, means more day to day expenses, so settling permanently in suburbs, both North or South, means more possibility for delayed weather  emergencies. It means more need to cover either relocation or travel expenses, medical issues or breakdown emergencies. You always need

to have something to fall on to. Always have a "cash on hand",

in case bank is not able to provide you with money or electricity is down.



Things break. Everyday. Because country is less accessible, it may take longer to fix your domestic issues. Make sure you find and keep the good

handyman for any of your household needs.


Remember, good handyman is not cheap. Expect

to spend between $480.00 to $1,200.00 for every

pipe leak repair and $1,000.00 for every electrical repair. Consider roofing issues, as well as landscaping cost (around $65.00 biweekly between April and October in most Northern regions).


Make sure you insure your property right and consider all issue before hand. Sometimes they pay, sometimes they don't, but it is good to have. Good and affordable licensed handyman is actually rarity. Just in case, make sure the first thing to buy, before coffee machine, is a tool kit for your new country home. It will be your best investment one day.

Elliptical Machine


When you spend a lot of time at home, or have a little ability to use outdoors for one reason or the other, it is

a great idea to bring the gym home. This will be one time investment between $1,200.00 and $10,000.00. It will  pay very much in a long run.


It can  be used as a source of relaxation, source of anger release, source of fitness and health improvement, etc. This is one thing most people overlook when they buy

a family house for kids: space of a real at-home-gym.

Investing in a at home gym, home yoga studio or pilates machine space, elliptical, etc. will be your best health choice for year to come.

Country Roads

Unfortunately , current economic layout of all American suburbs is 100% car dependent.

In order to comfortably exist in the country, in

any neighborhood, you have to be near major urban location to be able to access most social services big cities have, such as food or groceries deliveries, or have

a driver's license to be able to get to places.

Otherwise you will never be happy. Country exists for the most part as a preservation of organic culture of this society. However, secluded places also, often become

a hubs for various crime. People, who do not have any other choice in life, often chose these seclusion and loneliness to avoid further punishment, many in order

to recover. Always be very careful selecting secluded area for your next dream home, before you get all of

the facts about it's demographics.


They usually, do not like to urbanize in any way. So,

either learn how to drive or hire a good driver, otherwise, do not settle in the country at all. Consider cost of gas and car maintenance, as well as insurance

cost. if you do not drive, make sure ride shares are freely available, otherwise buy house elsewhere. Most ride shares within 20 minutes drive distance would cost you around $30.00 one way (depending on state).

Consider this, if you do not drive.



When you decide to move to the country usually it is either family reason, lack of living space in the city or other personal reasons. Country lifestyle consists of often home cooking vs. dining out, as dining in the country is the tourist business. So, you need a good pantry storage and investment into good quality cooking supplies.


It does not mean you have to go broke and buy everything from Williams Sonoma ®, you can find

many very useful kitchen things in Macys ®, JTMaxx ®, Target ®, Wegmans ®  or Walmart ®. It will be a big investment. 


It cost me nearly $68,000.00 to buy everything I need for cooking at home, including appliances. But it is a necessity for suburban living: good kitchen and ability

to eat well.


Good news is suburban areas are usually have

less issues with lack of food during emergencies,

in general. Farm always have back up storages. Some suburbs depend less on deliveries and can survive

locally. But, some are too secluded for both farming

or deliveries, these places need extra food storages.

So before you buy a house in deep suburbs consider

all options, especially if you have kids.



Whether it is wind storm, hurricane, snow storm, wild fire or the earthquake emergency power is what you will need the most to survive. From your  wi-fi  and phone to the fridge, you need a power back up, to  sustain daily living during any emergency. If you plan living in a country full time ~ invest in power storage

or generator.


You will not regret it. You will keep hot water, heat and lights when others don't, and can become a community shelter, if needed. On average it costs between $11,000.00 to $16,000.00 per generator, but you will have everything on, when everyone else will, be in the dark. It is a priority investment for secluded countrysides.

Invest in a small portable backups for your wi-fi and small electronics. Keep them charged. However, do not forget all fashion way of lighting, keep matches and candles handy, in case Generac does not kick in, who knows, or just for "Romantic Flare during the time of darkness". Keep lighters, matches and portable Coffee Grinders.

Working at Home


Sometimes you can no afford two cars and one member drives while everyone else stay behind? How do you handle boredom? Good Internet. For streaming, education and entertainment. Before you relocate to any country location, even if you dream of full" off the grid" seclusion,  make sure there is a good internet service provider is available.


Trust me, even the most "off the grid people" need good communication services. Even if,  just in case, of an emergency. If you have kids and live in a country you should have a good internet access of connection near by.


Kids need entertainment during the off season periods, or winters in the north. Everyone does. Many streaming platforms provide excellent news services,  24/7. This is something every country, small town or village needs. We live in year 2024.

However, sometimes internet does not work, and book can replace any other form of entertainment. They are good for educating, good for mental clarity, for sharpness and smartness. Books are great source to killing any boredom.

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