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Meet the Team


I am fluent in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. 

This Trademark Marinapolis ®  & Webspace had began in 2019.

I have more than 20 plus years of both management & financial analysis

experience, including Residential Real Estate and Commercial industry financing.

I currently manage, program & run 3 of my own websites as

Real Estate and Economic Entertainment start up platform:,, and

 I have hands-on experience I love to do the following:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Cash Management

  • Non-profit management

  • Cryptocurrency trading 

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Account Receivables/Payable

  • 20 plus years of Administrative Experience

  • Primary Direct lending, Second Mortgages

  • Short Sales with Foreclosures, post BK financing
  • Special Projects Entrepreneurship and Public Relations

  • Performance Management and Measurement

  • Policy and Procedure Development; Business Process
  • EIN registration/LLC and corporation filing and registration experience

  • Trademark and Copyright filing, registration and appeal experience

  • Improvement and Planning

  • Financial Markets Analysis

  • Budget Planning and Forecasting

  • Publishing, both print and e-publishing

  • Adobe Premiere Pro and Creative Suite

  • MS Word/Excel/Quickbooks
  • Graphic and Web Design

  • Book Cover Design, book line drawings

  • ICD/CPT coding



Text or Voice Mail


Office Line


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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